Atomic Sketch Event November!

Kick off the holiday season with the ASE this month!

This month, Thursday November 30th from 6-10pm at the Green Eye Lounge- we welcome to the panel:

Suise Xiong
Joshua Gilley
Danesh Kothari
Melissa Sue Stanley
Erick Macias
Chris Gallevo

For those who've never been, Atomic Sketch Event is a monthly live art event where a panel of established and emerging artists create new original works throughout the night, hang it for display, and sell the work for wildly inexpensive prices. Artists whose studio work sells in the thousands of dollars often sell pieces for as little as ten dollars! It's a great way for collectors with budgets to get real works of art, and also a great way for artists to meet other artists.

Drop-in artists are welcome to bring materials and hang work as well. And artists remember, the bcd collaborative never takes a commission from sales- you keep everything that you make!